INN under Linux..

Fabien Tassin fta at
Wed May 2 20:27:39 UTC 2001

According to bill davidsen:
> | FYI, This server accepts a full feed and feed it back several times
> | (around 250MB IN and 1TB OUT per day). The load is around 0.7 without SMP
> | and innd is idle more 70% of the time, innfeed 90% (2 instances).
> | 
> | I'm no longer using SMP because of some IO APIC problems forcing the
> | nmi watchdog to stop the kernel (for further investigations).
> What kind of disk are you running behind that?

nearly 1/2TB in 2 RAID0 arrays built with 36GB 10krpm Ultra3 SCSI disks.
Plus a RAID1 array for history.

> I'm doing around that,
> but the box has little catch up capability, that's about all it does
> even if it's down for network changes for an hour or so, limited either
> by my ability to accept or feeders ability to feed.

Even after long crashes, this server is still able to eat fresh articles
while absorbing backlogs (going from 20/30Mb to 80/100Mb in IN with
almost no impact in OUT, all my peers are multihomed).
Note that this server is not full feeding another internal/local server,
only remote peers and customers.

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