inews not allowed to post with Approved header under -CURRENT

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun May 6 10:49:47 UTC 2001

Peter Gradwell <peter at> writes:

> We upgraded a box to -CURRENT last weekend and when ever
> something comes in via it's mail2news gateway we now get

> Can't_send_article_to_the_server:/_441_You_are_not_allowed_to_approve_postings/ 

> (Article_not_posted.)/did_0+0+1/

> in the mail logs. (inews is invoked from ~news/bin/inews by the user
> "lists" and it's permissions are set to -r-x-r-s-r-x as we had it set
> before to allow other users to use inews.)

> In this case it's trying to inject mailing list articles into a private
> hierarchy that we have moderated. Thus, our mail2news script adds an
> approved header.

> I can't find anything in any docs that indicates a config change. Any
> clues?

It's in NEWS, although it doesn't jump out at one:

    * Users can no longer post articles containing Approved: headers to
      moderated groups by default; they must be specifically given that
      permission with the access: parameter in readers.conf.  See the man
      page for more details.

You need to edit readers.conf and add an access: "RPA" for the stanza that
applies to the local system.

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