Last call for INN 2.3.2

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Wed May 9 23:48:12 UTC 2001

On May 10, bill davidsen <davidsen at> wrote:

 >  I have a machine I use for testing, I can put the next unstable there,
 >and I'll go back to trying to make NFS mounted reader slave work again.
 >I'd love to see that in the configure settings, although I suspect my
 >problem is that I'm mounting from a big-endian export to a little-endian
 >reader box, and probably need a serious hack to make that work. It tries
 >to work, but any commond but DATE and QUIT gets a segfault.
I'm not sure this is the problem, I have a INN 2.2 setup with a
solaris/sparc writer and linux/intel readers and it works very well.

 >  I'm playing with NewsCache as well, it works but seems slow. I still
I remember reading it was buggy as hell too.

 >want to take a week of vacation and write a from-scratch caching reader,
 >and then next year a transit server. I do too much admin and no enough
 >coding these days.
I keep thinking that maybe a caching reader should be implemented as a
storage API method. Then with small changes the simplified server could
write the local overview from a diablo-like header feed.
I'm not a good enough coder to directly help with the implementation,
but I'll be happy to help with the design and testing (I *don't* want
to use dreaderd!).


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