Success! Able to finally get inn up and running... 2 questions though:

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Tue Sep 4 19:44:20 UTC 2001

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Jeffrey Davis  <jpdavis at> wrote:
| Success!
| I followed all 24 pages of the INSTALL to the letter and the darn thing
| works! 
| I realize that for most on this list this is a trivial task. For me... It
| wasn't.

I'm impressed by anyone who can follow 24 pages of anything without
error impresses me. I have problems with a four page recipie.

| Ok, so know I'm ready to get serious :-)
| 1. How do I keep the control groups and junk group hidden from users? What
| are these groups for anyway?

You can exclude them in readers.conf if you want. I would say junk is
more likely to contain something you don't want them to see, but
whatever works for you.

| 2.  Now that my entire inn-2.3.2 distribution resides in /usr/local/news how
| do I make it so that I can type 'innd' without typing
| '/usr/local/news/bin/innd' (in other words, how do I add this bin directory
| to my path... With links?)

In the user profile, like .profile or .bashrc, put the bin driectory
(directories) at the head of the PATH. Like:
being sure you use double quotes like my example rather than single like
your directory name in the question.

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