readers.conf problems

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at
Mon Sep 24 15:47:15 UTC 2001

On Sat, 22 Sep 2001, Basil Kruglov wrote:

> 200 InterNetNews NNRP server INN 2.3.2 (20010316 prerelease) ready (posting ok).
> list
> 480 Authentication required for command

I think there exists the capability to get this working (maybe you need a
separate anonymous auth group with no auth: line at all?), but I don't
have time to fiddle around with it right now.

> > Do you want regular users to be able to cancel posts?
> Only their own, + "special" user with appropriate privileges to cancel
> any post.

There's real support for this in NNTP, if you're running your own server
and have trusted authentication method of some sort you might be able to
hack it up.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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