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Katsuhiro Kondou Katsuhiro_Kondou at
Tue Sep 25 07:40:51 UTC 2001

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	newsmail at wrote;

} KK >} Only when posted ? I mean only temp ? Or until i erase it
} KK >
} KK >Yes only when posted, and the track is never erased unless
} KK >you manually do it.
} Then i have another problem... after posting there is nothing at all :-(

Excuse me.  Previous my assumption was incorrect.  Now,
I've examined how tracked.  You'll see the messages
under pathlog/tracklogs/log-*.  And tracked article
is recorded into pathlog/trackposts/track.<msgid>.  As
to tracking article, it doesn't work properly.  I just
fixed for them all.  See latest snapshot.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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