Not able to Read messages that I know are on the server.

bill davidsen davidsen at
Sun Apr 14 11:33:39 UTC 2002

In article <02da01c1e325$04b23ed0$0ad1abd8 at foothillRickHo>,
Rick Wagner <rick at> wrote:
| I have installed innd 2.3.2 on a BSD/0S 4.2 machine
| I have it running
| It is receiving news feed from Cidera
| If I try to use a reader I can get a list of groups on the server
| I can refresh my list of groups
| When I try to get message headers it shows no articles
| I can verify that the articles are on the server.

  If you can't read the article, how can you "verify" that it is on the
server? And what message do you get when you try to read the article?
  HEAD <my-articles-msgid at>
  XXX this message is important to debug problems

  It's not clear if you mean the message is not in overview, or you
can't connect with nnrpd properly, or ??? If 
    grephistory <msgid>
returns a token, the id is in history, and if
    sm token-from-grephistory
lists the article to stdout the article is intact.

  Given that the article is there you probably have an overview problem.

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