history write time oddity

Mark Hittinger bugs at pu.net
Tue Apr 30 03:21:50 UTC 2002

| From: br+inn at panix.com (Ben Rosengart)
| in the nightly reports is about a factor of 10 higher than it was on
| the old feeder and reader.
| The old servers are both running "INN 2.3experimental 20-Nov-1998".
| They're built to use tagged-hash, could that be the difference?

Ben what is innconf->icdsynccount on the old servers?  Its possible that the
old servers had a higher number than the default and your new servers have
the more conservative default.

Tagged hash files were smaller so there was less faulting and more ram for
the buffer cache.  If your new boxes are ram obese then thats probably not
the problem.


Mark Hittinger
bugs at pu.net

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