Inn installation 2.3.0

manoj manoj at
Wed Aug 14 23:02:41 UTC 2002

Hi all
I installed 2.3.0 on my solaris server.
I can telnet to the my server on nntp port and its work fine.

bash-2.03# telnet localhost nntp
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
200 InterNetNews NNRP server INN 2.3.0 ready (posting
list active
215 Newsgroups in form "group high low flags".

THis is the entry in /etc/inetd.conf
bash-2.03# cat /etc/inetd.conf |grep nntp
nntp    stream  tcp     nowait  news    /var/spool/news/bin/nnrpd

this is the entry in /etc/services
nntp            119/tcp                         # Network News Transfer

here is inn.conf file
mta:                    /usr/lib/sendmail -oi -oem %s
organization:           A poorly-installed InterNetNews site
ovmethod:               tradindexed
pathnews:               /var/spool/news

# General Settings

mailcmd:                /var/spool/news/bin/innmail

# Feed Configuration

artcutoff:              10
hiscachesize:           0
ignorenewsgroups:       false
immediatecancel:        false
linecountfuzz:          0
maxartsize:             1000000
maxconnections:         50
pgpverify:              true
port:                   119
refusecybercancels:     false
remembertrash:          true
usecontrolchan:         false
verifycancels:          false
wanttrash:              false
wipcheck:               5
wipexpire:              10

# Article Storage

cnfscheckfudgesize:     0
enableoverview:         true
groupbaseexpiry:        true
mergetogroups:          false
overcachesize:          15
storeonxref:            false
cnfscheckfudgesize:     0
enableoverview:         true
groupbaseexpiry:        true
mergetogroups:          false
overcachesize:          15
storeonxref:            false
useoverchan:            false
wireformat:             false
xrefslave:              false

# Reading

allownewnews:           true
articlemmap:            false
clienttimeout:          600
nnrpdcheckart:          true
nnrpperlauth:           false
nnrppythonauth:         false
noreader:               false
readerswhenstopped:     false
readertrack:            false
# Reading -- Keyword Support
# Enabling this without stopping innd and deleting the existing overview
# database and adding will probably confuse a lot of things.  You must
# have compiled this support in too.

keywords:               false
keyartlimit:            100000
keylimit:               512
keymaxwords:            250

# Posting

addnntppostingdate:     true
addnntppostinghost:     true
checkincludedtext:      false
localmaxartsize:        1000000
nnrpdauthsender:        false
nnrpdpostport:          119
spoolfirst:             false
strippostcc:            false

# Posting -- Exponential Backoff

backoffauth:            false
backoffk:               1
backoffpostfast:        0
backoffpostslow:        1
backofftrigger:         10000

# Monitoring

doinnwatch:             true
innwatchbatchspace:     800
innwatchlibspace:       25000
innwatchloload:         1000
innwatchhiload:         2000
innwatchpauseload:      1500
innwatchsleeptime:      600
innwatchspoolnodes:     200
innwatchspoolspace:     8000
# System Tuning

badiocount:             5
blockbackoff:           120
chaninacttime:          600
chanretrytime:          300
icdsynccount:           10
maxforks:               10
maxforks:               10
nicekids:               4
nicenewnews:            0
nicennrpd:              0
pauseretrytime:         300
peertimeout:            3600
rlimitnofile:           -1

# Paths
patharchive:            /var/spool/news/spool/archive
patharticles:           /var/spool/news/spool/articles
pathbin:                /var/spool/news/bin
pathcontrol:            /var/spool/news/bin/control
pathdb:                 /var/spool/news/db
pathetc:                /var/spool/news/etc
pathfilter:             /var/spool/news/bin/filter
pathhttp:               /var/spool/news/log
pathincoming:           /var/spool/news/spool/incoming
pathlog:                /var/spool/news/log
pathoutgoing:           /var/spool/news/spool/outgoing
pathoverview:           /var/spool/news/spool/overview
pathrun:                /var/spool/news/run
pathspool:              /var/spool/news/spool
pathtmp:                /var/spool/news/tmp

here is entry in crontab which I made
0 3 * * * su -c "/var/news/bin/news.daily expireover lowmark" news
0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,59 * * * * su news -c

I also made entry for err files in appropriate file.

But when I try to create a new group I am getting this message
bash-2.03# ./ctlinnd newgroup be.comp.os.linux m
No file; did server die?
Can't send "newgroup" command (sendto failure) No such file or directory.

I have complete active file which I download from inn website.

I am not able to understand why it's not able to create group?

IF I check for ps -ef |grep inn I only found innwatch not innd

Can some one help me to install this correctly ?

Thanks in advance

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