Auth/Access Question

David R. Fischer fischerdr at
Tue Aug 20 22:45:15 UTC 2002

Russ Allbery wrote:
> David R Fischer <fischerdr at> writes:
>>This is what I was going to ask is how to handle multi-groups. Also is
>>this going into the nnrpd or as an outside module??  Would it be better
>>served if a auth backend was integrated into the nnrpd instead of
>>spawning out separate processes???
> It depends on the site.  For most sites that would use this sort of
> feature, the amount of load is nowhere high enough that process creation
> will be a noticeable problem.  Process creation is generally cheap on Unix.
Ok. So I need to hack ckpasswd to allow multi groups?  Also is there a 
CVS server I can pull the newest releases from??

>>that way a perl, passwd, python, or a db/ldap back-end could be written
>>as a lib function.
> This can already be done, BTW.  Embedded Python and Perl authentication
> hooks are already available and it would be easy to hack up something like
> this in Perl.  This is more for sites where people want this capability
> without doing programming (and it's easy to implement in ckpasswd).

Another question have is where system call out to the "auth: ckpasswd" 
located in the nnrpd ( would this be in the perm.c or some where else??).

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