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Tue Dec 3 22:56:52 UTC 2002

On 3 Dec 2002, bill davidsen wrote:

> In article <Pine.LNX.4.44.0212022333250.8548-100000 at>,
> Jeffrey M. Vinocur <jeff at> wrote:
> | Ok, I'm currently committing a bunch of changes to the documentation. 
> Yes, and thank you for taking the time to do this. See? It isn't a
> thankless task.


I actually find it somewhat relaxing to proofread, but yes, it's nice for 
someone to notice.

> | I also tried to standardize a bunch of stuff which was inconsistent; for 
> | example I always use a comma before "and" in lists like "x, y, and z".  
> AFAIK that's more correct, although the comma is optional. I was always
> taught to use it if there were more than two items ("a and b" or
> "a, b, and c."

I generally agree.  (Not that this is really the place to discuss it, but
my main goal is always readability, and including that comma is necessary
for relatively common constructs like "appetizers included grapes, cheese
and crackers, and pretzels" to parse easily and unambiguously.)

> May I ask if nntplink is still around in any useful sense? Does someone
> still support or even distribute it? If not that might be a candidate to
> go away.

I have no idea -- I don't even know what it does (did?).  We certainly 
have a lot of support for it (particularly in innreport).

> | - I wanted to ask if we assume $pathtmp is on the same partition as
> |   $pathincoming (presumably I saw some code that used this fact,
> |   although If orget what); if so we should document that somewhere.
> I hope not, some sites might have to symlink one or the other to a f/s
> with enough room.

I've learned a lesson here about keeping good notes.  I just grepped 
pretty seriously and can't for the life of me figure out what prompted me 
to make a note to investigate the above.  Oh well.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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