innxmit strange behavior

Graeme Mathieson graeme+inn-workers at
Thu Jan 17 18:11:50 UTC 2002

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 11:09:56AM -0500, Steven L. Sesar wrote:
> I tranfered all articles in a particular newsgroup from one server to
> another. I subscribed to this newsgroup via Netscape Messenger on both
> servers. The origin server reports that it has 1722 articles while the
> destination server reports only 1375.

Is it possible that 1722 is the high article number and that the
original server in fact only had 1375 articles available?  If that's the
case, I'd wonder if you forgot to set "xrefslave: true" in inn.conf on
the destination server.
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