innxmit strange behavior

Steven L. Sesar ssesar at
Thu Jan 17 18:43:38 UTC 2002

Graeme Mathieson wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 11:09:56AM -0500, Steven L. Sesar wrote:
> >
> > I tranfered all articles in a particular newsgroup from one server to
> > another. I subscribed to this newsgroup via Netscape Messenger on both
> > servers. The origin server reports that it has 1722 articles while the
> > destination server reports only 1375.
> Is it possible that 1722 is the high article number and that the
> original server in fact only had 1375 articles available?  If that's the
> case, I'd wonder if you forgot to set "xrefslave: true" in inn.conf on
> the destination server.
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Good call, but I covered that. Question. Since the history file format in
2.3.2 doesn't contain a string denoting the newsgroup name, ( a'la 2.2.1), how
can I determine how many articles exist in a newsgroup?

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