help with cistron m2n gateway

Steven L. Sesar ssesar at
Tue Jan 29 01:11:10 UTC 2002

Must be my config, but I can't seem to get it to work properly. 

in my moderators file:

some-list:news2mail at

in my aliases file

news2mail: "| /news/bin/mail2news --news2mail"
some-list: "| /news/bin/mail2news some.list"

in my mail2news.conf:

  name         => 'some-list',
  group        => 'some.list',
  listaddress  => 'some-list at',
  subscriber   => 'some-list at',
  use_reply_to => 'No',

What happens is that I can successfully post a message to a list, but it 
won't post to the corresponding newsgroup. While posting to the mailing list, 
I "tail -f <maillog>" and find that sendmail appears to be doing what it's 
supposed to; it calls mail2news properly and says that the messages was sent.

When I post an article, news.notice says that it wa mailed to the moderator, 
but I never see it in either the ng or the list.

Any help?

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