help with cistron m2n gateway

Chris Beggy news at
Wed Jan 30 14:23:59 UTC 2002

"Steven L. Sesar" <ssesar at> writes:

> Must be my config, but I can't seem to get it to work properly. 
> in my moderators file:
> some-list:news2mail at
> in my aliases file
> news2mail: "| /news/bin/mail2news --news2mail"
> some-list: "| /news/bin/mail2news some.list"

I do the second line in a .procmailrc file, but other than that
it's the same.  You have really provided lots of information

> in my mail2news.conf:
> {
>   name         => 'some-list',
>   group        => 'some.list',
>   listaddress  => 'some-list at',
>   subscriber   => 'some-list at',
>   use_reply_to => 'No',
> }

Which $postprog are you using, rnews or inews? 

> What happens is that I can successfully post a message to a list, but it 
> won't post to the corresponding newsgroup. While posting to the mailing list, 
> I "tail -f <maillog>" and find that sendmail appears to be doing what it's 
> supposed to; it calls mail2news properly and says that the messages was sent.

So maybe the handoff to rnews or inews fails.

> When I post an article, news.notice says that it wa mailed to the moderator, 
> but I never see it in either the ng or the list.

Have you created the group as a moderated group? Does the
newsgroup name exist in the active file with a "m" flag?

There is mail2news logging, too, which shows up in mail2news.log
or someplace else.  What do the logs show rnews or inews doing
after mailing the article to the moderator?

You seem very, very close!  Good luck.


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