can't see articles but after removing the account & recreating, it is ok

bill davidsen davidsen at
Fri Jul 5 11:38:40 UTC 2002

In article <000801c220b8$dc94b640$d86415a5 at singtelk>,
kajan <kajan at> wrote:

| I installed a news server with same active file from the old server & feed
| the news articles for 7 days to this new server & then changed the dns round
| robin to point to new servers.

Unless you fed the news articles in slave mode, your did not have the
same articles numbers, and the users are being affected by the change to
a totally new server.
| I am using INN 1.7.2 in Redhat 6.2. I had to use INN 1.7.2 as it support NFS
| well.
| My new setup is that I have one server to receive articles from upstream &
| store the articles.
| I also have 2 readers mounting the volumes from the first server.

They aren't by any chance sharing the log files over NFS? That will
really screw up the logs!

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