Idea for article filter in storage.conf

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Fri Jun 7 17:28:25 UTC 2002

On Jun 07, Alex Kiernan <alexk at> wrote:

 >We're currently using cleanfeed to enforce our policy on binary vs.
 >text retention, but it's a pretty blunt instrument.
What would you like it to do?

 >Does it sound generally useful, utterly stupid, etc?
Look at diablo, there is some built in code to classify articles.
I think it's only useful if you want to accept binary articles outside
of the generally accepted binary hierarchies, which are few enoughs that
I think they may be comfortably added to one or more storage.conf
OTOH, something which could classify multipart articles would be *very*
useful. I think it could be easily done by cleanfeed, and results could
be passed back to INN in a magic variable (maybe a hash where the keys
for relevant options are set to true).

Remember that processing binary articles from the perl filter is
expensive, so you do not want to do it two times.

While you are poking at the perl interface I have a feature request:
I need to silently discard articles so that nnrpd still reports success
to the user (and maybe without adding the Message-ID to the history so I
can manually inject them if appropriate).
I know that the nnrpd perl filter can do it, but I do not want to run a
perl interpreter in each nnrpd.


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