nnrpd_auth.pl loading issues

Sundaram Divya-QDIVYA1 Divya.Sundaram at motorola.com
Tue Mar 26 13:39:09 UTC 2002

True, that would work well for LDAP Authentication.

I wanted to add a "native" method and also provide a way for 
using LDAP to add a measure of access control to the newsgroups.

I will be testing later this week or early next week and then
I hope to clean it up and let others have a go.

For me, the benefit is the use of a Single Log On capability
that allows users to use their LDAP passwords and the ability
to leverage an LDAP server for my access control needs.

I personally don't care much for readers.conf ... YMMV

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On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, Sundaram Divya-QDIVYA1 wrote:

> I am working on something similar for LDAP and use the following
> debugging technique.

I use pamckpasswd+pam_ldap.so to authenticate from LDAP.
Works great and I have the advantages of readers.conf

Przemyslaw Maciuszko
Agora S.A.

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