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Bent Nielsen bent-nielsen at
Wed Mar 27 10:25:29 UTC 2002

I don't understand this, because my news account do require a login and if 
I try without my username and password I get the following message:
"Error reported by Server: 480 Authentication required for command." and as 
far as I know they are using INN.

In my current readers.conf I uses ckpasswd to verify the login and I 
through it was possible to make the verification in way that would 
disconnect a login which does not make use of an username and password.

Why can't I write the readers.conf so that INN gives the 480 error as shown 

On my newsserver I get this message if username or password are incorrect:
"Error reported by Server: 502 Authentication error."


At 02:11 27-03-2002 -0500, you wrote:

>On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Bent Nielsen wrote:
> > How can I make the readers.conf so that it is impossible to connect to the
> > server without use of user name and password? I got it working with our
> > users, but if I connect without a user name and password I get connected,
> > but can't see any groups, I think it would be better if the connect was
> > rejected.
>You can't; it doesn't make any sense.  The authentication happens after
>the connect, and you don't have any way to tell if the user intends on
>authenticating or not.
>What you're asking is the equivalent of "if someone knocks on the door of
>my office, I only want to let them in if they shake my hand" (you see, you
>can't tell if a handshake is coming until after you open the door...all
>you can do is open it, and if they don't shake hands soon, kick them out
>Jeffrey M. Vinocur
>jeff at

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