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Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Mar 28 21:29:53 UTC 2002

Support <support at> writes:

> Ok so now it says

> "Nothing sent -- leaving batchfile alone."

> list does now contain a better formatted list (about 200+ lines)

> @02003B092C79000C00000000000000000000@
> @02003B092FBC000D00000000000000000000@
> @02003B093158000E00000000000000000000@
> @02003B0931BA000F00000000000000000000@
> <snip>

> What i don't quite get is how this gets the news articles transferred.

innxmit transfers articles based on that list.  It must have given some
other error message than just that; that's just an indication that it
received some fatal error.

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