new "access" parameter in readers.conf

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at
Wed May 8 22:02:13 UTC 2002

On Wed, 8 May 2002, Ben Rosengart wrote:

> I have two questions about the change in readers.conf in 2.3.3.  In
> descending order of importance:
> 1. How is one supposed to deal with self-moderated groups?

Mm.  Interesting.

> 2. When a user is given "Access" access, does this affect all groups,
>    or is there a way to limit them to posting Approved headers to the
>    group(s) that they moderate?

The former.  I can imagine adding a parameter to reader.conf to specify a 
wildmat of the groups to which approval is permitted, but I don't see it 
as very pressing.

> I think our moderators can be trusted, so #2 is not so important,

Well, if we had that, you could simply give everyone A access to the 
self-moderated groups.

> but #1 is something I have to resolve before I can put INN 2.3.3
> into production on reader machines.

Why?  The current functionality is a strict superset of what we had 
before.  For the time being you can give everyone A access and get exactly 
the behavior you currently have, right?

What behavior do you envision for this situation?

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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