Limit Group Size?

Matus "fantomas" Uhlar uhlar at
Fri May 24 05:40:02 UTC 2002

-> | > 	Could I know if there's any method to limit the size of a
-> | > particular group?
-> | 
-> | The total space it uses, you mean?
-> | 
-> | You could put that group in a separate CNFS buffer.  Obviously this would 
-> | only be practical for a few groups.
-> Yes. But it would be nice to have expire remove the posts even if the
-> filespace were not reclaimed. In high volume groups it confuses readers
-> to see thousands of posts, or posts of great age, so it would be nice to
-> have a working general mechanish to handle this.
-> Space is not the only issue here, although it's the only expiry which
-> really works intuitively in current INN.

you mean to expire group on number of articles ? Nice idea but be carefull -
what happens if someone floods that group with zillions of posts?

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