Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at epix.net
Thu May 30 18:51:27 UTC 2002

> I know this is an unusual request.  I can provide more detailed explanation
> if desired, but fundamentally it will boil down to this:  what you now have
> isn't what I created.

I am not an INN maintainer anymore.  

All of us here still owe you a few favors, I think.  But it
would helpful to know what you think about:

1. wildmat.c in INN 2.3.0 is substantially the same as in INN 1.5.1.
   (But your objection is for the utf8 version, I would guess.)
   Is there something that is not backwards compatible?  Would
   it be acceptable to clearly note that it was basically rewritten
   for utf8 and that you are not responsible?

2. WILDMAT is a term that is used in the IETF NNTP working group,
   and the draft includes the utf8 functionality.
   Do you object to that usage?

3. What parts of INN should still retain your name as copyright 

   A lot of what is in current and recent versions of INN are
   not close to what you created, but include copyright notices mentioning
   you because they have your original work as ancestor.

   For example, some of the man pages like inn.conf were almost
   completely rewritten, but still list you as copyright holder.

4. Would you object to some version of "wildmat" within the
   renamed item?  E.g. Would the name wildmat_utf8() be a problem?

Forrest J. Cavalier III
Mib Software

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