nnrpd -D and IPv6 (was Re: Joint is better than Panzerfaust)

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Sep 16 20:40:48 UTC 2002

Jeffrey M Vinocur <jeff at puck.litech.org> writes:

> The below patch was hiding in news.software.nntp (I almost missed it, as
> there was a bunch of non-INN-related stuff at the top of the article).
> I ran this by Nathan (who did some of the IPv6 stuff in CURRENT), and he
> says if it does actually make something work that was broken, might as
> well.

> But I don't use nnrpd -D, and so have no way to test this, and don't
> know the IPv6 code well enough to do it by inspection.  So I figured I'd
> at least make sure it got full light of day and hope somebody else would
> run with it.

It's kind of ugly, but I think I can swallow the underlying rationale.  It
at least shouldn't make anything worse.  I vote for going ahead and
checking it in.

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