news.daily after crash

Artur Iwaniuk A.Iwaniuk at
Fri Feb 14 10:55:43 UTC 2003

i have a litle problem with news.daily. but first, i describe situation:
sometimes happens - power off, and news server crashes. i have some
scripts, that quickly syncing active file, with this what is actualy in
spool dir, removes overview database(tradindex), and exec command:
  makehistory -b -O -e -l 100000 -F
and this work fine. but problem begins with daily running news.daily
script. parameters to this scipt are: expireover lowmark delayrm
after that exec, active's LO field contain number, way to big. overview
database is cut off too. so in news reader, there is way to few articles
that were before crash.
the strangest  thing is that spool directory contain all those missing 
overview articles, so i am sure that expire do nothing wrong.
where i make mistake ?

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