[inn-current] scripts/inncheck & initial setup

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Jan 12 19:09:19 UTC 2004

Christophe Wolfhugel <wolf at oleane.net> writes:

> The current setup for this file has a glitch :

> 1. configure calls config.status which runs a sed in order to
>    update @libdir@, etc...

> 2. make in the scripts dir does not do the fixscript (and if it would
>    the @libdir@ substitution would be erased), having inncheck not to
>    have the #! substitution at the arrival.

> Most variables are defined as $inn::, but not all (@FILEMODE@ for
> example).

> What would be the best evolution ? Add those missing variables to
> innshellvars and do not generate 'inncheck' in the configure script or
> have configure replace @_PATH_PERL@ with the right value ?

Ack, I'm sorry.  I thought I'd caught all the uses of _PATH_PERL.  The
latest version of configure changes that variable to just PERL, which is
more standard and the same as what other packages use.

I've fixed inncheck and confirmed that fixed the problem.  That looks to
be the last use sitting around.

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