groups marked as 'j' in active still propagated. Why?

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Mon Mar 29 21:11:13 UTC 2004

Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:
> In article <20040320130205.GA60243 at CITADEL.NOBULUS.COM>,
> 	Ilya Varlashkin <ilya at> wrote;
> } Sorry, it's probably silly question, but what is then purpose of 'j'
> } groups? I read in active man page that:
> innd uses this as if this group does not exist.
> Namely, rest of newsgroups that don't have 'j'
> are used for newsfeeds.  So, it doesn't mean
> article will be stored into junk explicitly.

I don't understand that answer. Having a 'j' disposition has always 
forced articles into the junk group (if you opt to want junk) 
explicitly. People used to read things we didn't want them to see by 
looking in junk. If you mean they will not be put into a cycbuf based on 
being in the junk group, I can't recall and wouldn't argue unless I had 
time to test what it really does.
> } As I understand this means that article will be propagated to sites
> } receiving 'junk' group and if I don't feed junk to a site, then posts
> } to this group shouldn't be propagated to that site either. Correct?
> You cannot use 'j' for this purpose.  It's
> necessary to specify patterns in newsfeeds
> for that.

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