Proposal: Re: Bug in building, using auth_krb5

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Apr 11 07:44:13 UTC 2005

Todd Olson <tco2 at> writes:

> Case 2: The problem has been partially fixed in  inn-CURRENT-20050315
>            (In fact the output of  the --help option of configure
>            (is MUCH enhanced.  Kudos and thanks! to who ever did that.
>            (It makes life much easier.

Came free with using a much newer version of Autoconf.  :)

As near as I can tell, both of the problems you ran into were fixed in
CURRENT a long time ago when I redid how configure handles all of the path
variables in the build system.  Was the only other problem you were
running into in CURRENT the shared library path issue?

> Proposal 2:
> In both the first and second case it would be nice if documentation
> on auth_krb5 could be added ... and perhaps even a simple shell script

>      If you plan on using auth_krb5 and your kerberos5 libraries are in
>      a non standard place that the linker/loader does not ordinarily
>      search then you should place the following shell script in
>      bin/auth/passwd

>          #!/usr/bin/ksh
>          LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/full/path/to/kerberos5/lib_dir  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
>          exec  /full/path/to/auth_krb5

I think what I need to do is add an explanation somewhere of shared
library search paths for people who haven't encountered these issues
before.  I'll try to find a good place in INSTALL for that.

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