Problem with history

Andy Hawkins a.hawkins at
Thu Dec 8 15:12:19 UTC 2005


> /var/lib/news                                 83432 Kbytes available
> (42.0%)
> Surely that's plenty of free space for it to be playing with?
> Or does it
> need more than twice the size of the history files
> (/var/lib/news is only
> 42% used) to complete the expire process?

Whoops, that should be that /var/lib/news has 42% free. I've just upped the
partition to 300 Meg (now 62% free) and re-run news.daily.

The expire process appears to have completed successfully this time...

Can the 'temporary' history files generated during an expire be stored
somewhere else? It seems a waste to have to allocate twice as much space to
the /var/lib/news partition than it needs during normal running...


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