SSL connection timeouts

Sebastian Wiesinger inn at
Thu Mar 24 08:44:14 UTC 2005

* Toon van der Pas <toon at> [2005-03-23 22:43]:
> I can confirm your problem.
> We are running an usenet news server, where we allow users to connect
> directly and without any form of authentication and encryption from
> within our network, but force users to connect via SSL and
> authenticate themselves from the outside.
> Mozilla will hang when posting messages via an SSL-encrypted link.
> It doesn't happen always. It appears to happen when writing the message
> takes a little while. When the message is written and sent quickly,
> mozilla doesn't hang.
> We are running inn-STABLE-20041230, but the problem was there with
> earlier versions also.

I can confirm this Problem with INN 2.4.2 and slrn. If I connect and
try to post, slrn just hangs until I kill it. At the moment I use
stunnel as a workaround(posting works fine) but I would like to see
that problem fixed, too. IP-Based authentication does not work with
stunnel because everyone connects to nnrpd from localhost.



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