SSL connection timeouts

Bill Tangren bjt at
Thu Mar 24 15:01:45 UTC 2005

Toon van der Pas wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 12:58:17PM +0800, Patrick Clohessy wrote:
>>Hi All
>>I have recently moved over to using SSL for my news server. This has 
>>worked succesfully but I have encountered a odd problem.
>>Using Mozilla Mail or Thunderbird under Linux, if I reply to a child 
>>post there is a connection timeout and the mail client just pauses 
>>without acknowlegding the post. However the post will eventually appear 
>>a few minutes later. I can post a new article or reply to a parent 
>>article just fine. This doesn't appear to be a user specific problem as 
>>it occurs to all users (over 1000).
>>This problem does not occur using the same version of Mozilla Mail and 
>>Thunderbird under Windows XP, or using pine under Linux. It also works 
>>fine under Linux if I connect to the non SSL news server.
>>I'm using Fedora Core 3 for the news server (inn 2.4.1) and the client 
>>software is on Fedora Core 3 as well. The news server is started using 
>>"nnrpd -D -S -p 563 &"
>>Has anyone else encountered this problem? Does it sound more like a 
>>Mozilla/Thunderbird problem than a news server problem?
> Hi,
> I can confirm your problem.
> We are running an usenet news server, where we allow users to connect
> directly and without any form of authentication and encryption from
> within our network, but force users to connect via SSL and
> authenticate themselves from the outside.
> Mozilla will hang when posting messages via an SSL-encrypted link.
> It doesn't happen always. It appears to happen when writing the message
> takes a little while. When the message is written and sent quickly,
> mozilla doesn't hang.
> We are running inn-STABLE-20041230, but the problem was there with
> earlier versions also.
> Regards,
> Toon.

Would you be willing to post what you have in your readers.conf? I am 
trying to set up in exactly the same way.

but I have been unsuccessful so far, because the connection times out. 
For me though, it times out when I try to get a list of messages in a 
group after I have subscribed. I can't get so far as trying to post a 

I wasn't aware that mozilla was having a problem with secure connections 
to inn 2.4.1. I will have to try with another type of client and see if 
I can make any progress that way.

Bill Tangren

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