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Mon Apr 24 14:41:40 UTC 2006

> Bill Davidsen wrote...
> If you managed to get the messages into a mbox file you're almost done.
> You'd have to split it into separate files, sometimes strip the mbox
> line and rnews the result. You can even abuse mb2md (mailbox2maildir)
> for that.

Better yet, use the formail utility from the procmail package to split
the mbox file and feed the result to a mail2news script.

My mail2news script is at

It will correctly parse MIME-formatted messages, including attachments.
There are some hard-coded paths in the Perl files, so adjust accordingly.

You then only need something like:

formail -s /path/to/ your.newsgroup < /you/mbox/file

Hope this helps,

Patrick Vande Walle

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