inn2: innfeed silently dies when logfile reaches 2G

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Aug 19 13:09:54 UTC 2007


While I was inspecting for a possible parser for control.ctl,
I thought about that previously reported bug.

> I read in
> that innfeed.log is not rotated, which is true.

Thus, innfeed silently dies at startup.

That issue can easily be fixed (adding innfeed.log in the scanlogs
rotating process).
However, to be optimal, it would need a Shell parser for innfeed.conf
(in order to retrieve the value of the log-file: parameter).

I believe there are two ways to achieve that:

1/ the easy one which is to say that only files named innfeed*.log
   will be rotated by scanlogs, invoked by news.daily;

2/ the hard one which is to write a innfeedconfval program which
   writes *global* innfeed.conf variables on stdout (like innconfval).
   Each variable can be prefixed with 'innfeed_'.

The advantage of the second method is that it will work all the time
for the right innfeed.log name.  Moreover, it can be useful for other
parts of the code; for instance procbatch (which does not currently use
innfeed.conf, according to the remark "Hmm, perhaps we should try to
read "backlog-directory" from innfeed.conf. Oh well.").
At first sight, I see no config_table[] for innfeed.conf variables
(contrary to inn.conf) so the printed variables will have to be
listed one by one.

I think that local innfeed.conf variables (such as peer/group variables)
are not necessary for innfeedconfval; but they could be added in the
future, if need be.

Julien ÉLIE

« Si ça n'a pas fait boum, c'est peut-être le succès ? » (Astérix) 

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