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Wed Oct 17 15:54:08 UTC 2007

Hi Todd,

>   inn-2.4.2-STABLE-20050315
> I could either
>    a) recompile this code with SSL support
> or
>    b) get and compile the latest code (either release, or stable)
> My concerns are
>    1) is the SSL support in (b) meaningfully better than in (a)

As you speak about the STABLE 2.4.x version, there is no difference
between the code of your 2.4.2-20050315 version and the current
STABLE one regarding SSL.
I have just checked the changelogs on the nnrpd directory.

So you can either recompile your version with the additional
configure flag --with-openssl=/usr/include/openssl or something
like that for the path, or the latest code.

>    2) does (b) introduce new issues/bugs that I have not had to face in (a)

In the STABLE branch, no.
So I would tend to think that it is better for you to compile
the last STABLE version from snapshots.
It only takes a few minutes to update your working 2.4.2 INN to the
last STABLE (configure, make, make update).

> Any hints would be much appreciated.

As for SSL, the only bothering thing is a bug with Thunderbird/SeaMonkey
which makes it hang when posting articles.

See <> for more details.

Fortunately, there is a patch from Kachun Lee which fixes that.
So you might want to apply it before recompiling :)

--- line.c      2007-10-17 17:50:13.037189471 +0200
+++ line.c      2007-09-11 06:48:17.000000000 +0200
@@ -143,6 +143,10 @@
            /* wait for activity on stdin, updating timer stats as we
             * go */
+#ifdef HAVE_SSL
+if (tls_conn == NULL) {
            do {
                struct timeval t;

@@ -162,7 +166,10 @@
            /* if stdin didn't select, we must have timed out */
            if (i == 0 || !FD_ISSET(STDIN_FILENO, &rmask))
                return RTtimeout;
-           count = line_doread(where,
+#ifdef HAVE_SSL
+        count = line_doread(where,
                                line->allocated - (where - line->start));

            /* give timeout for read errors */


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