Readers.conf + pwd users

Gert Koefoed Andersen gert at
Mon Oct 22 12:05:54 UTC 2007


Can some one give me a more specfic readers.conf setup for auth and acces +
how to do it.
I like then to let my INN give 3 kinds of aut and acces
Then too to make a newusers database.

Kinds of login and connections to INN
1. auth "localhost"
Localhosts as my ow mashines from networks and mashines.
This for linux host only.
1.1 auth "localhost"
Login + access for local private mashines.

2. auth
Connect and read-only of active groups
3. auth
Connect for all by username and password ( could be read-only access)
4. could be for users with post access.

The access setup for those 4 over here.
Access localhost (Linux mashine)
Access localhost (all networks of my mashines)
Access "read-only" (active groups)
Access Users with password for read-only
Access user with pwd + usernasme with RP access.

Then to make he userlist database with username|crypt pwd

Gert Andersen
gert at

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