Readers.conf setup.

Gert Koefoed Andersen gert at
Wed Oct 24 13:46:57 UTC 2007


Can any one help me on make it so I have a good setup in my readers.cof for
And I can have INN to work for 3-4 kind of access and auth setup.

Localhost = the mashine where INN runs on
Local mashines = my other mashines ( (WANs) + *.home (LANs)
Access for read-only of free active list
User by password file newusers (pwd file with users name | crypted pwd)

Auth ??? {

Access ??? {

I have made about.this.server in active groups and
Access "read-only" {
	users: "*@*.*"
	newsgroup: "about.this.server"
This is working for my self but thould to work from out site.

There have to be setup more for auth and acces, and this why I neeed help on
hte best setup in readers.conf
I have looke over group bt not seen somethng
there look lie it work for me.

Gert Andersen
gert at


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