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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Jun 8 17:57:53 UTC 2008

Hi Alexander,

>> while the right media type for XHTML is application/xhtml+xml, especially
>> for 1.1 (and not 1.0 which can be HTML compatible)?
> IE 6 gives a you a download dialog instead of rendered HTML with the correct
> MIME type. Some people claim that you should either serve correct MIME type or
> not use XHTML at all. Well, I like the possibility to process HTML with XSLT.

Speaking of that, here is what Chris Wilson (Microsoft) says:

Why aren't we supporting XHTML when it's served as the "application/xml+xhtml"
media type in IE7?  I made the decision to not try to support the MIME type in
IE7 simply because I personally want XHTML to be successful in the long run.
I love XHTML (go look, my name is in the credits for XML 1.0); it's capable of
being truly interoperable if done right.  With most of our platform resources
in IE7 outside of security work being spent on improving our CSS support,
if we tried to support real XHTML in IE 7 we would have ended up using our
existing HTML parser (which is focused on compatibility) and hacking in XML
constructs.  It is highly unlikely we could support XHTML well in this way;
in particular, we would certainly not detect a few error cases here or there,
and we would silently support invalid cases.  This would, of course, cause
compatibility problems based on parser error handling in the future, which
XML is explicitly trying to avoid; we don't want to cause another mess like
the one with current HTML error handling (rooted in compatibility with
earlier browsers - you can blame me for that personally somewhat,
but not IE).  I would much rather take the time to implement XHTML properly
after IE 7, and have it be truly interoperable - but I did want to unblock
deployment of XHTML as best we could, which is why we made sure to address
the XML prolog/DOCTYPE issue.

And how to use application/xhtml+xml with IE?

A XSLT should be used for it.

>> By the way:
>>     +  by fabien tassin <<a href="mailto:fta\">
>>     +  fta\</a>>$footer
>> The line break adds a useless space after "<".
> I guess you mean ">". Moving that character to the next line should do.
> +  by fabien tassin <<a href="mailto:fta\"
> +  >fta\</a>>$footer

Yes, it works fine with that.
In fact, when I spoke about the useless space after "<", it was the
useless *space* after "<" :)
The line break is indeed after ">".

>> Do you mind if we add credits for you in the POD documentation and the script?
> Of course not.
>> Moreover, Alexander, do you want your name to be put at the bottom of generated
>> pages? ("CSS by Alexander Bartolich", or anything else -- just tell me)
> Difficult question. Adding every single contributor by name could get excessively long.

All right.  Then it will be in the POD documentation and the script.

>> Are your changes GPLv2? :-)
> Well, I do prefer the GPL. But then I just want my changes to get included and will
> agree to any reasonable license.

No problem.
I hope Fabien does not mind.  I put him in copy of this mail, in order to make him
aware of that and to perhaps have his opinion.

Julien ÉLIE

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