Removing overview lines when cancelling articles

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Mon Feb 1 18:26:29 UTC 2010

Hi David,

> Yes, thank you both.  I've noticed this bug a few times: tin shows new
> articles in a newsgroup, only to open the group and find nothing.  The
> common case for this in my stand-alone INN instance is the test group:
> my users post a test message, then cancel it.

I do not know exactly on which elements tin decides to announce new articles
in a newsgroup.  If it is only from LIST ACTIVE or GROUP commands, then
the problem will go on existing because the high water mark is higher
than before -- so tin (as well as other news readers) may mention that
new articles are in the newsgroup.
If it is from LISTGROUP commands, then I doubt anything has been fixed
and I do not know what would be going on.

However, if it is from (X)OVER commands, then yes, the problem will be

> Using tradspool/tradindex and most likely the default configurations for
> the overview/cache stuff, is it recommended to adjust some of those
> values?  Or just wait for the patches to be incorporated into the next
> release?  Or both?

These values should be adjusted according to your needs.  We're just
giving default values (which were increased in INN 2.5.0, compared to
the default values in INN 2.4.x).

Note that there is no patch for the default configuration.  It will not
change in INN 2.5.2.

Julien ÉLIE

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