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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Jun 16 10:17:16 UTC 2012

Hi Martin,

> I am going to install INN from source in debian squeeze
> is it just a case of
> ./configure --with-perl
>   make
> make install
> as root?

Yes, it should work.  Full details are available in INSTALL:

Quick install guide:

> ------------------------------------
> but why does news not have home dir?
> root at slug:~# adduser --group --home /usr/local/news news
> adduser: The group `news' already exists.
> root at slug:~# su - news
> No directory, logging in with HOME=/
> $
> ----------------------------------------------

I bet it is the default Debian installation.

I for one added a default home directory for the news user:

12:11 root at trigo /home/iulius# grep ^news /etc/passwd

> finally how to open port 563
> somthing like
> edit  /etc/init.d/inn2 init

nnrpd will open it for you when it starts.
You just need to make sure no firewalling (like iptables) prevents this 
port from being accessed from outside.

> script to add:
>       su news -c '<pathbin>/nnrpd -D -p 563 -S'
> in the start section, where <pathbin> is the path to nnrpd, and:
>       su news -c 'killall nnrpd'
> not sure

It is meant to be in your /etc/init.d/inn2 script.
An example is provided in the INN tarball (contrib/sample.init.script).

You are not sure about what exactly?

Julien ÉLIE

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