enableoverview to false

John F. Morse inn at xanadu-bbs.net
Fri Jun 29 16:13:14 UTC 2012

Hi Julien

>> However, cron e-mailed me:
>> Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 00:07:45 -0500
>> Subject: Cron <news at optima11> test -x /usr/lib/news/bin/news.daily &&
>> news.daily lowmark delayrm
>> warning: lowmark requires expireover
> The lowmark keyword is indeed useless without expireover.
> Second point:  cron should not e-mail you.
> I believe the warning should be fed to innmail, which means changing:
>     echo "warning:  lowmark requires expireover"
> to:
>     echo "warning:  lowmark requires expireover" | eval ${MAIL}
> in news.daily.

That was my error blaming cron for the mail. I did so because "Cron" appears 
in the Subject. Mail is actually from the user news, and is being handled 

> I will update the documentation to mention the fact.
> Thanks again for your precious remarks!

I finished testing the changes this week, and all is working fine now.

I can report that simply renaming or moving ${OVERVIEWDIR} causes the server 
to throttle when the 10-minute sanity check is performed:

Jun 26 02:09:08 optima11 innd: ctlinnd command s
Jun 26 02:09:11 optima11 innd: ctlinnd command r:No space (overview) 
[innwatch:43] 0 lt 25000
Jun 26 02:09:11 optima11 innd: filter: Saved EMP database.
Jun 26 02:09:11 optima11 innd: CNFS: CNFSflushallheads: flushing 004
Jun 26 02:09:11 optima11 innd: SERVER throttled No space (overview) 
[innwatch:43] 0 lt 25000

1 ##  $Id: innwatch.ctl 7823 2008-05-06 13:04:27Z iulius $
43 !!! ${INNDF} ${OVERVIEWDIR} ! lt ! ${INNWATCHSPOOLSPACE} ! throttle ! No 
space (overview)

To fix it I created an empty overview directory instead of simply commenting 
out line 43.

You might want to include that warning in the updated docs.

Thanks for your assistance, and have a nice weekend.


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