Stop rejection due to bad dates

Jeffery Small jefferysmall at
Wed Dec 16 18:23:55 UTC 2020

I use the news system to post email received from various mailing lists.
I also post spam to a special group using a rule in my mailagent(1)
processing file.  I am getting a lot of spam, apparently with badly
formed date headers which the news system sees as being in the
future.  In my mailagent logs I typically see these entries:

MATCH on rule #13 in mode INITIAL
WARNING Date field is 5h18m23s in the future
ERROR could not post to local.delete
NOTICE not saved, leaving in mailbox

Now, I'm assuming that it is the bad date causing the rejection.
Before I go to the trouble of writing yet another filter to check
and repair the date line of every potential post, Is there a simple
rule I can use for inn2 to instruct it to simply ignore these types of
errors and go ahead and post anyway?

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