RPSL automation

Nick Hilliard nick at inex.ie
Sun May 17 21:57:30 UTC 2009

On 17/05/2009 21:07, Mr. James W. Laferriere wrote:
> Yes , Lucent sure did drop that line like a hot potato . Tho many people
> still use the TNT's today , to my knowledge usually only in the Voip
> world .

I'm sure they do.  I'm also sure they're unlikely to do irrdb based ebgp 
policy routing with the devices.  If they're using tnts for this, they need 
their heads examined.

> I still have the publicly released sources (ie: 3.0.3 I beleive) , Gated
> BECAME closed source , Now NextHop holds its license , It used to be
> held by Merit .

Even gated 3.0.3 was closed source, and that was dated May 1994 (15 years 
old this month).  I don't believe that gated was ever open source, although 
the source was available for download / compilation, and still is in some 
dark corners of the net.  Nexthop Technologies is no more, and who knows 
what's happened to the source now.  It's certainly not listed on U4EA's 
product list, if the source ownership was transferred to them when they 
bought out Nexthop.  At the time of the sale, Nexthop was branding itself 
as a wireless company, not a routing company.

> At the moment I do not have the time to . But maybe sometime after first
> of Sept. this year I may have the time necessary to dig into it .
> I hope I will have the time with out starving or freezing while looking
> into the problem . I'll see .

If you change the function prototypes for importP and exportP to use type 
MPPrefix instead of IPAddr in f_gated.cc and f_gated.hh, add gated back 
into config_formats[] in RtConfig.cc, and un-comment the line which reads 
"GatedConfig gatedConfig;", the source will compile.  Whether it produces 
anything meaningful, I have no idea.  It may well crash and burn horribly, 
or raise terrorists alerts in the pentagon or make your neighbor's lawn 
turn brown.  I haven't checked.

Gated support is of historical interest only.  It has no real operational 
value and therefore no real place in irrtoolset.


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