[kea-dev] Requirements for the Logging and Diagnostics in Kea

Stephen Morris stephen at isc.org
Thu Apr 9 11:16:45 UTC 2015

Comments on the logging requirements:

1) Requirement 6: I suggest that MUST should be a SHOULD. Knowing the
number of leases is nice, but not essential.

2) Requirements 9, 11: suggest that something be included to note that
the logging of messages is controlled by the configuration.  As it is
currently worded, it appears to be mandatory for Kea to output log
messages in all cases.

3) Requirement 23: I'm not sure this is needed.  If the code is written
to as not do something in an RFC-compliant way, that should be
documented in the administrator's manual.  If the reason for
non-compliance is due to a configuration setting, that should be
documented as an effect of setting the configuration item.

4) I suggest that we include requirements to dump the contents of
incoming and outgoing packets (if requested) to a file in binary format.
 This will be outside the normal logging mechanism, but a packet trace
could be useful in some diagnoses.


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