[Kea-users] Kea dhcp sever not responding with advertise

Mayank Tiwari mike.tiwari at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 22:12:16 UTC 2019


  I have started the kea dhcp server for v6  at IP address <IP1>. When I
send the solicit packet to DHCP server the packet reaches the DHCP server
as I can see it in the packet capture of DHCP server. The command used to
send solicit is from the client is:
perfdhcp -6 -r 1 -R 1 -n 1 -L 1026 <IP1>

  However, in the packet capture on the DHCP server there is no advertise
message corresponding to this SOLICIT message. Also, there is no error or
warning in the log file.

Here is sample config file:
    "Dhcp6": {
        "renew-timer": 1000,
        "rebind-timer": 2000,
        "preferred-lifetime": 3000,
        "valid-lifetime": 4000,
        "lease-database": {
          "type": "mysql",
          "name": "dhcpdb",
          "host": "",
          "user": "root",
          "password": "dhcpdb"
        "interfaces-config": {
            "interfaces": [ "ens160/<IP1>" ]
        "subnet6": [
                "subnet": "2001:db8::/64",
                "id": 1024,
                "interface": "ens160",
                "pools": [
                    { "pool": "2001:db8::100-2001:db8::ffff" }
                "pd-pools": [
                        "prefix": "2001:db8:fff::",
                        "prefix-len": 48,
                        "delegated-len": 60
  "Logging": {
    "loggers": [
        "name": "kea-dhcp6",
        "output_options": [
            "output": "/var/log/kea-dhcp6.log"
        "severity": "DEBUG"

  Also, I tried to change the debug level by changing severity level in the
configuration above to DEBUG but still only the INFO message in the log.
Can you please suggest on how I can further debug this issue. Also, how I
can change the debug level.

Thanks and Regards,
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