[stork-users] Stork agent install

Talkabout talk.about at gmx.de
Fri May 28 07:23:49 UTC 2021

Same with me, also running KEA DHCP Server on 2 Raspberry Pis (high 
availability) and was also curios about Stork, unfortunately not 
possible at the moment. Keep in mind that you can rebuild on x86, but 
you still need the agent to be installed on the kea server directly (as 
far as I know), which will not work because of lack of arm support.


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>Yes I figured as much, its a real shame as the raspberry pi is more 
>than capable for DHCP. I have been running it for about a year with Kea 
>and its been rock solid. I really fancied trying out Stork. at some 
>point I might rebuild on an x86 platform, unless the devs have plans 
>for build an ARM version sometime soon.
>On Thu, 27 May 2021 at 19:04, Talkabout <talk.about at gmx.de> wrote:
>>Hi Craig,
>>I tried the same as you did (some months ago and some days ago) and 
>>faced the exact same issue. It seems that the dependencies, that rake 
>>is downloading, are only available for x86/x64 platform, not for arm. 
>>This is what I figured out looking at "Rakefile". Somebody with more 
>>knowledge needs to confirm this, but from what I have researched there 
>>is no way to get stork working with ARM at the moment.
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>>Von: "Craig Dunn" <sendai789 at googlemail.com>
>>An: "Jesse McDermid" <jesse.mcdermid at mahaska.org>
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>>Betreff: Re: [stork-users] Stork agent install
>>>ok so I installed all the pre-reqs the site shows and running he 
>>>agent install I get the following error:
>>>pi at DHCP1:/usr/local/etc/stork $ sudo rake install_agent
>>>Stork build date: 2021-05-27 12:51 (timestamp: 210527125147)
>>>/usr/local/etc/stork/tools/1.15.5/go/bin/go get -d -u 
>>>/usr/local/etc/stork/tools/1.15.5/go/bin/go: 1: 
>>>/usr/local/etc/stork/tools/1.15.5/go/bin/go:ELF: not found
>>>/usr/local/etc/stork/tools/1.15.5/go/bin/go: 2: 
>>>/usr/local/etc/stork/tools/1.15.5/go/bin/go: @: not found
>>>/usr/local/etc/stork/tools/1.15.5/go/bin/go: 3: 
>>>/usr/local/etc/stork/tools/1.15.5/go/bin/go: Syntax error: "(" 
>>>rake aborted!
>>>Command failed with status (2): 
>>>/usr/local/etc/stork/Rakefile:254:in `block in <top (required)>'
>>>Tasks: TOP => install_agent => build_agent => 
>>>/usr/local/etc/stork/backend/api/agent.pb.go => 
>>>(See full trace by running task with --trace)
>>>Google searches has shown little in the way of help, anyone have any 
>>>On Wed, 26 May 2021 at 22:50, Craig Dunn <sendai789 at googlemail.com> 
>>>>Thanks Jesse, I have Ubuntu 18.04  currently I'll check the link out 
>>>>and give it a try.
>>>>On Wed, 26 May 2021, 22:40 Jesse McDermid, 
>>>><jesse.mcdermid at mahaska.org> wrote:
>>>>>It is possible. Building from source is covered here: 
>>>>>It has been a few releases since I did it last, but I think you 
>>>>>will find the experience least painful if you use Ubuntu 18. I 
>>>>>tried using CentOS 7 and gave up: too many prerequisites required 
>>>>>versions that were not standard to that release.
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>>>>>Craig Dunn
>>>>>Sent: Monday, May 24, 2021 12:52 PM
>>>>>To:stork-users at lists.isc.org
>>>>>Subject: [stork-users] Stork agent install
>>>>>Hi all,
>>>>>I have been user Kea for DHCP for a while now, I experimented with 
>>>>>stork as well but my DHCP server is arm based so currently there is 
>>>>>no install candidate for the stork agent. I was wondering if I can 
>>>>>build from source? I searched the gitlab repo and cloudsmith but 
>>>>>there are no instructions or anything saying you can.
>>>>>Thanks guys
>>>>>Stork-users mailing list
>>>>>Stork-users at lists.isc.org
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