Zone created on master --> automatic add/transfer on slave servers possible?

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Thu Jan 20 01:04:34 UTC 2005

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> Hello There!
> I am very confused with the configuration settings between
> master .ns1 (primary) and slave ns2-ns4  (i run 3 slave servers)
> servers. I did much rftm and searched in that list or with google.
> My simple question is - whether its possible that slave servers
> can create on request from the primary dns the zone and accept
> the update automaticly when i add a zone on primary dns.
> Is this possible? Its a waste of time to add the zones always by
> hand on 4 different dns servers. I hope anybody can help me!

This has got to be the MOST frequently asked question in this group.  
Did you try searching the archives before asking?

The answer is that the DNS protocol provides no mechanism for this.  But 
it shouldn't be hard for you to write a script in a language like perl 
that reads your master's named.conf and creates a named.conf file for 
the slaves, and then uses scp to copy it over to them.

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